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MOK gallery is an abbreviation for modern kontemporêr, the Afrikaans for modern contemporary. This allows the gallery to exhibit all works from the modern era starting in the late 19th century to modern day art. The mission of the gallery is to give artists a platform from where their art can communicate, whether it be social, political, cultural or simply aesthetic. The gallery wants to contribute to a society where people have a better understanding of each other. Art assists in building cultural bridges, creating a better functioning society. Muratie has centuries of well preserved history and MOK gallery feels very much at home here. The gallery is located in Ansella’s house, dating from 1685.  No pretension is necessary when authenticity is present. Visitors from all over flock to this beautiful piece of paradise, giving our artists the opportunity to expose their work. Art for MOK means something not ordinary, but the product of special skill and talent. We invite you to view all the artworks with an open mind and add value to your home with a piece that pleases you.

King and QueenThembalethu Manqunyana’s work King and Queen sold to a Belgian couple.

Gallery hours:10.30-16.30 Tuesday to Saturday

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