Ade Kipades

Artist Statement
“as within, so without…as above, so below” – Hermes Trismegistus-
My work is about an investigation into subtle energy located in my body, and the recognition of this to be objects that appear in space as my environment.
The execution of my work can be divided into three phases.

  1. Accessing the subconscious mind through Surrealist automatic drawing (a process of tapping the creative potential of the subconscious mind by randomly drawn lines).
  2. Constructing shapes from these lines through the guidance of an intuitive prompting that is triggered by the feeling of subtle emotions registering within my body.
  3. Naming the completed piece. The title is not premeditated and appears in my mind’s eye as a word with a feeling of urgency attached to it. This is different from other thoughts that may come and go while I am working. In other instances, I dwell on a word and construct a visual abstracted expression of that word, under the guidance of feeling perception.
    My abstract work is technically Abstract Expressionistic, but the manner in which I do this, is through the automatic drawing process as explained above.
    For my figurative work, I do observational drawing from live models and/or photographic reference, applying the second phase of my process to construct the human figure. In other words, I am not drawing what my eye sees but rather lines and shapes that I recognize to be reflections of subtle movements of energy registering inside my body in that moment as I focus my attention on the figure