Maureen Quin


Born 29 March 1934, March 2024 marks Maureen Quin’s 90th year, and 70th as a sculptress. To
celebrate, an exhibition of her sculptures will be exhibited at the MOK Gallery, Muratie Wine
Estate, Stellenbosch. Living in Alexandria, a small town in the Eastern Cape, her relative
isolation means that she is seldom influenced by trends in the art world, but rather by her
perception of current news, and her own emotional experience.
Maureen Quin uses the language of sculpture to examine relationships between couples,
lovers, the bond between mother and child, and the grace of ballet dancers. The 20 sculptures
on exhibition at MOK are a respite from the angst of the world, and an opportunity to enjoy the
beauty of the human form
“Sculpture is my passion. It’s an extension of myself, reflecting my thoughts, my loves, hates joys
and fears. Whether I’m involved in representational wildlife studies, realistic figure studies or
abstractions, I put my heart and soul into it.
Each sculpture is an exciting journey. Starting with a vague concept, sketching it to achieve a
visual form, building the armature, fleshing it out and having it cast in bronze are the elements
which ultimately are to me the most rewarding and satisfying. In the process I use my talents,
experience and my gut feelings to guide me until I’m satisfied within myself that the sculptural
form I’ve created, moves in space and is in harmony with my vision.
In my career as a sculptor, I’ve used the human figure extensively. In many studies I endeavor to
capture the rapport between humans and the animal kingdom by combining the two to create
sculptures that are uniquely my own abstract expressive approach. Creating and searching for
the ultimate realization of my vision is the fulfillment of my life.

Eternal Bond (2018) Bronze
H 1000 x W 450 x L 440
R311 100.00

Mother Love (2009) Bronze
H 340 x W 260 x L 670
R170 625.00
Mother Love (2009) Bronze
H 340 x W 260 x L 670
R170 625.00

Couple (1994) Bronze
H 360 x W 260 x L 150
R162 500.00

Ballet Couple (2011) Bronze
H 700 x W 190 x L 230
R181 250.00
Joy (2011) Bronze
H 400 x W 135 x L 210
R53 686.00

Joyous (2015) Bronze
H 405 x W 200 x L 120
R53 688.00
Male Dancer (2011) Bronze
H 365 x W 260 x L 234
R56 250.00

Forever Linked (2019) Bronze
H 425 x W 170 x L 170
R137 500.00

Spring (2016) Bronze
H 400 x W 130 x L 130
R60 000.00

Ballet Dancers II (2011) Bronze
IH 540 x W 200 x L 430
R162 500.00

Charlotte (2010) Fibreglass Cast into bronze on order
H 580 x W 720 x L 420
R233 588.00