Ryno Greeff

Artist Bio, CV and statement.
“My name is Ryno Greeff and I am a 56 year old stone sculptor creating sculptures from stone and steel.
Currently I have a permanent outdoor installation of stone figures, carefully placed in the landscape near Nieu Bethesda in the Eastern Cape, and it is called Stonefolk of Ongeluksloot and can be viewed 24/7 on the Farm Doornberg just outside of town.
I have completed several private commission pieces:
Hennopsriver – Man on the mountain
Hennopsriver – Thinker
Sunninghill – Sky man
Stellenbosch – Dogs best friend
Springbok – Lady of the stone
Hennopsrivier – Covid
Hennopsrivier – Klara
Hennopsrivier – Fossil Horse
Hennopsriver – Stokstert dog
This will be my first official exhibition at a gallery.
The inspiration for my sculptures come from the stone sculptures of Kaokoland as well as “The Dance” by Marcella de Boom near Loxton and of course Helen Martins of the Owl house in Nieu Bethesda as well as the incredible landscape found near the town of Nieu Bethesda.
I am constantly inspired by the interaction between the viewer and my sculptures. These interactions happen in many forms, with viewers mimicking the stance and engaging with the sculptures in many different and unexpected ways including climbing up the hills to be photographed next to them, sunglasses being placed on them and left there etc.etc. It gives me great joy to create these sculptures.”
The Philosopher
Stone and steel H 1.000, B 0.650, D 1.000
R 19 900
Mr. Pony
Stone and Steel
1150 x 600 x 800cm
Stone and steel H1.00, D0.900, B 0.600
R 19 900
Rocky (bench)
Stone and steel H 0.580, D 0.400, B 0.700
R 3 350
Stone and steel H 0.450, D 0.450, B 0.300
R 2 950
Little horse
Stone and steel H 0.450, B 0.270, L 0.600
R 2 950
Stone and steel H 2.600, B 0.650, D 1.000
R 19 900
Joy the dancer
Stone and steel H2.500, B 1.400, D 1.300
R 19 900
Dog’s best friend (Commission Sold)
Stone and steel H 1.350, B 1.200, D 1.400
R 0 000
She said
Stone and steel H 0.850, B 0.700, D 0.400
R 12 900
He said
Stone and steel H1.000, W1.000, D 0.500
R 12 900
French Girl
Stone and steel H 0.400, W 0.500, L 2.400
R 19 900
Stone and steel H 1.100, W 0.800, D 1.000
R 16 900
Stone and Steel H 2.200, W 1.600, D 1.200
R 19 900
Stone and steel H 1.000, W 0.800, D 1.500 
R 16 900