FRAGMENTED SELF. NEELAN NAIDOO. OPENS SUNDAY 20 JUNE 2021 AT 11AM. OPENING SPEAKER DR MARLENE LE ROUX. In this exhibition Naidoo will explore his experience inside of prison and his experience and identity outside of prison. The exhibition ends 19 August 2021. Light refreshments will be served. COVID restrictions apply: 1.5m distance. Wear a mask. Sanitize. The number of people allowed inside the space at a time will be monitored.

Neelan Naidoo. New Horizons. Dry point etching. 36x26cm R1900
Join us for this truly worthwhile event; Neelan Naidoo will talk about his art and his life in and outside of prison. 25/7 at 11am. rsvp cecile@mokgallery.com