Herman van Nazareth

Herman van Nazareth

Herman Van Nazareth (pseudonym for Herman Van Aerde), born in the Flanders, Belgium. 1961 – 1962 : Enrolled at the Royal Academy in Gent. 1962 – 1963 : Enrolled at the Royal Academy in Antwerp 1963: Personal assistant to Floris Jespers during a few months 1965 – 1967: Michaelis school of Fine Arts, University of Cape Town, RSA. Works represented in different collections in Europe, Africa, America, Argentina, Brazil and China, including: Brussels, Bruges, Ostend, Paris, London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo etc…

In 2008 Mr van Nazareth was chosen as the artist for the Beijing Olympic Games.

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