Marinda du Toit

I was born in 1964, in the Bushveld, about two hours’ drive from Pretoria. I studied music and languages at the Pretoria University. After a few years being a teacher, my creative career took off with performance art, textile printing and eventually two- and three dimensional works. I have a daughter, a clinical psychologist.

Narrative has been an integral part of my work since the beginning. It started with composing soundtracks for stories in pictures, animation, and became live art with myself performing my own story in performance art, almost thirty years ago.

“Poppe en Koppe”, ( Heads and Dolls), implicate play, imagination and storytelling.  My sculptures, dolls or figurines, are all characters belonging to a narrative. There are a few references to the pandemic, as it is mainly on all our minds… My characters are also developed from nostalgic memory of people I met, knew or observed. Together with the found objects from all over (adding to the integrity of the figurine), they become replicas of real life characters with a personality and a life story of their own. In the case of this particular exhibition, I had fun with the meaning, suggestion and implication of the words “Pop” and “Kop” in Afrikaans. The viewer adds more information to the character’s biography with his or her personal association, triggered memory or imaginings of the little “actor’s” traits.

Poppe en Koppe Exhibition Found Object Sculptures 25/10/20-18/11/20

‘Tankwa Muse’ 1m R12600
‘Florence’ 90cm R12600
‘Haar Doppie is geklink” 32cm R1900
‘Popular’ 43cm R3900
‘Poproep’ 29cm R3200
‘Hoenderkop’ 38cm R5700
‘Tikkop’ 22cm R2300
‘Staan, Poppie, Staan’ 20cm R2200
‘Peepaw Paramedic’ 28cm R2850
‘Kop-en-pootjies’ 25cm R1780
‘Poppedop’ 24cm R2650
‘Clown Mother’ 19cm R2200
‘My pop val stukkend’ 25cm R2200
‘Popcorn’ 10-15cm R1350 each
‘Kop-aan- Kop’ 25cm and 22cm R2600 each
‘Popcorn’ 10-15cm R1350 each
‘Poppelien’ 20cm R1650
‘Popular’ 43cm R3900
‘Pokkel’ 40cm R4300
‘Kopiis’ 44cm R4200
‘Borselkoppie’ 40cm R4100
‘Poppie Nongena’ 40cm R3600
‘Koppelaar’ 38cm R4300
‘Koeplet’ 42cm R4300