Liza Wilson


 All stories are derived from the Akashic (Sanskrit; Ether) records where according to Ervin Laszlo: “ …this Akashic Field is the element in the cosmos that records, conserves and conveys information.” It is believed that every emotion , action or thought throughout History, leaves an “imprint on this all-pervasive energetic substrate.” Like in Salman Rushdie’s  “Haroun and the sea of Stories” we will find in the deepest part of the ocean the currents that carry all the story lines. I choose to work with discarded materials because trapped in each found object lies a story, a history. These recovered materials and objects already present a visual voice. This becomes my point of departure.

University Attended:                        University of South Africa (UNISA)

Qualification:                                    Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. (2003)   


1983                                                   Group Exhibition. Welkom.

1993                                                    Momentum Life, Pretoria Art Museum.

1997                                                    Sasol, New Signatures Exhibition.

1998                                                    Pietersburg, Sasol Winners Exhibition.

1998                                                    Group Exhibition, Tina Skukan Gallery.

1999                                                    Postcards from Africa Exhibition,    Axis Gallery, New York.

2000                                                    Absa Earth Summit Group Exhibition.

2003                                                    PPC, Lilian Solomon Gallery, Pretoria.

Group Exhibition, Black Box,

Lilian  Solomon Gallery, Pretoria        .

2005                                                    Group Exhibition, Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria.

2012                                                    SANAVA annual group Exhibition, Pretoria.

World Art Day Exhibition, Pretoria. ( Da Vinci)

SA Art Path Group Exhibition

2013                                                    Minor Solo Exhibition, Art Lovers Gallery,    Pretoria.

Gift of life  Exhibition, Tina Skukan gallery, Pretoria

2014                                                    SANAVA Members Exhibition, Pretoria.

Post Cards Group Exhibition, Art Lovers Gallery,  Pretoria,

St Valentines Group Exhibition    ArtLovers Gallery, Pretoria.

For the Love of Art Competition, Art Lovers Gallery, Pretoria.

Erotica Exhibition, Art Lovers Gallery, Pretoria.

Dreams to Reality Exhibition, Erdmann Gallery,   Cape Town.

2015                                                    SANAVA  Members Exhibition

Gran Cavalle Exhibition, Pretoria (Da Vinci)

2017                                                    Bosch in Africa, Stellenbosch

Arts Awards:

1997                                                    SASOL New Signatures Art Award.