Stemme/Voices/Amazwi – EXHIBITION EXTENDED.
Opens Sunday 24/11/2019 at 11am. Everybody is welcome. Exhibition concludes 28/1/2020.
The exhibition addresses the different perspectives of South African History since 1652/ Die uitstalling ondersoek die verskillende interpretasies van die Suid Afrikaanse geskiedenis vanuit kulturele hoeke.
The following summary by prof. Lize van Robbroeck, who will open the exhibition, sums it up:
   If history is the story we tell ourselves about the past, we have to accept that there are as many histories as there are people. As the formal, singular History written by the victorious and the powerful is churned to dust under the wheels of change, new histories are allowed to surface.
# RhodesmustFall initiated a period of intense re-visitation of nationalist history in South Africa, and rapidly spread to most of the former settler colonies, which occupy more than half the world’s territories following centuries of western imperialism.  The question: ‘Whose history?’ is emerging as crucial to the way nations forged on slavery, exploitation and radical exclusion battle to refashion themselves as more egalitarian and integrated. Part of this painful process is to re-visit history and to yield to new interpretations.
It is precisely such a project that MOK gallery undertook by inviting a selection of artists to render interpretations of history from their unique perspectives.
Saturday 14 December 2019 11-5, Gretha Quinlan artisan candle maker and visual artist. This exhibition will run until March 2020.

An exhibition by Rentia Retief and André Knoesen Sunday 2 February 2020 at 1am-1pm. Exhibition ends March 2020. See you there. Remember to book breakfast or lunch at Muratie Farm Kitchen.