Weyers du Toit

WEYERS DU TOIT artist biography 2017

Weyers du Toit (b.1973) paints representational oils. He favours working directly from life in one session. This preference results in his challenging, direct method: ‘Alla Prima’. His subject matter is often the ordinary, overlooked. What moves him is unconventionally beautiful. This he paints. He chooses a measuring cup as a flower vase and paints bananas that are well over ripe. He plays with food, takes a bite and then paints it. What he makes is then entirely autobiographical, as he selects to paint, out of his direct surroundings, that which he identifies with, or which moves him emotionally. He finds beauty in the obscure. The result is work that is loaded with pathos.

Fine Art Diploma, Cape College,(1992-1994) Oils and Drawing under Liesbeth Gunther.

Other artists that have had influence on his learning process via crits and/or courses include: Ryno Swart (figure painting workshop 2014). Andries Gouws (figure drawing, painting workshop and other discussions). The last five years Leon Vermeulen played an essential role through his ongoing support and encouragement. Weyers du Toit feels though, that the action of painting from life almost daily has been his greatest teacher.

Weyers has had several solos at the Missions House Gallery in Onrust. He has taken part in many group exhibitions, the most recent being ‘Uitdagend Skeppend’ at the Breytenbach Gallery. Weyers shared several two person exhibitions. The other parties have been: Sheena Ridley, Andre Minnie, Niel Jonker, Jaco Coetzee and more recently Clare Menck at the Victorian House Museum, during Tulbagh Arts Festival 2017. His last solo exhibition was at Langverwagt Wine Estate and comprised almost forty still life works. The speaker was Andries Gouws.



Bottle Brush on a Black Stool

Diep en die Droë Kant/ Deep and the Dry End


SOLD: Don’t Cry for Me Africana

SOLD: Groen Datsun in All Saintstraat

SOLD: Huis teen Heuningberg

In die Skadu van Silos

Pentimenti Paw-Paw

Radio Kitchen

Red Grapes on Dishcloth


Skulp, Ghoen en Skeerkwas

The Beholder, with Daylily and Binoculars

Toreodora, Hibiscus and Bovril